Monday, January 7, 2008

Drying out in CHICO, California

Post Winter Storm Assessment:
1 Tree, 1 Swingset = $600
1 Pergola = $800 15 candles = $45
16 AA Batteries = $20 5 Fast Food meals = $140
3 Meals BBQ'd = $50
by this guy wearing a fashionable headlamp = $20
Waking up to blue sky, sunshine and ELECTRICITY = priceless!!!

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Kate Boddie said...

I've been without power for more than a day thanks to ice storms. I feel your pain.

Mushy said...

Well, it's nice to see you all taking it quite well, and you seem to have the necessities of life - each other!

DrowseyMonkey said...

That last picture is so pretty! And I love that bro in law has one too!!! ahahahhhahaha

Glad you're back and all is safe & back to normal there! We missed ya!

nursemyra said...

barbecue guy looks like he could perform quite an operation :-)

Robert said...

Glad to see your making out ok...I have to hsave one of those headlamps..that's good stuff...just so you know I don't mind towelling off a pair or two while your drying off your's the least I can do...:):):)

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Kate - How are ya blogging? candlelight?!? That didn't work for me! Hope you get power back soon!

Yes Mushy - But it's good thing the power came back on when it did!...cabin fever was starting to set it!

Drowsey!!! :) That picture was taken outside my front door this morning around 8am! YAY sunshine!

Well nursie, he is a doctor. ;)

Thanks for watching out for me and my "headlamps" Crusty! I knew I could count on you to see me through!

MedStudentWife said...

I'll have to knit that young fellow a go with his hat !! Maybe some slippers for his tooties.

All kidding aside - glad you all are safe and back.

obtw.. hope the bbq's werent of chicken breasts, 'cause lawdy,what would we do with all those extra chicken bras ? :0

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

MSW - As you can tell, that young fellow LOVES that hat! :) And it came in quite handy! Brrrrr!

I didn't see any chickens on the BBQ...but several did go out and get trashed! Dang party animals!!!

Hungry Mother said...

Tough weather, but still a sense of humor; great stuff!

DrowseyMonkey said...

I see you've 'revised' your post! LOL That was one expensive storm!! (20 bucks for that headlamp

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Hi ya Drowsey! Yeah, when I first posted this morning, I think I was suffering from Blog Withdrawls...I forgot to post the dollars amounts! What a dorky bra! We'll see if insurance covers anything! At least the headlamp! :)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Everything's got a price - want to make me an offer? I'm cheap.

Diva said...

It's awful expensive to go through a time of rain, sleet, snow, ice or any other pain in the butt weather related issue.

Stealth said...

Awwww, that reminded me of hurricane season in Florida 2 years ago. Glad everyone is okay...

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

DP - For what? You wanna buy my broken swingset & pergola? Their yours - for PETRA!

You said it Diva! Latest estimate for Chico's damage is $3 million!~Olga

Thanks Stealth! Did you notice the BBQ? Looks worse than my STOVE! LOL!

Shinade said...

Wow I knew all of you gys got hit pretty hard. And trust me as I live in Oklahoma I can attest first hand that these events are not fun. I am so glad that you have your power back. Now all you have to deal with is hassles from the insurance companies.

Hopefully I will not be posting similar pictures this spring when we go into our storm season.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Blogging withdrawls? he hee, I heard there is a group for that :)

You know, I don't want to make light of such a devastating storm, but your ex en-nem sure seemed to make do with some family fun and support ... whoops! that word keeps coming to mind, esp. after the new years bash.
My power was out a while back, but only for a period of "hours". It's funny how we take so many things for granted. I sat there in the dark for a moment, and did not know what to do ... of course my mobile was open soon after.

That poor Rainbow playset took a beating!!!! Wow! If I lived closer I would stop over and fix it - I've moved a couple thousand of them across state lines. I can picture you being the flag on top in the past.

Best part? The BBQ guy! COOL helmet. I must find one for chicken Tuesday.
Glad you are all OK 8~)

Speedy "hambone" Hollydale

piper of love said...

Chico! The kindest city in America :)

Olga, your kids are precious, and that white toppled over thing in your backyard, precious too!

jOolian said...

ohhhhhzzz nozzzz!!!
what a superfluous time of being xtra-ultra-nippy & most coldly perked !!! 'oly shiver me members, ummm timbers.... Me hopes allz well in the land of bodaciean cleavage .... and best of wishes for mucha butter cups, and luck for mammoth warrrrrrrrrmth !!! keep’it Rawwwwk’n yah crazeee bra’wwwwd ….. xo ~julian
(& remember, Olga needs a rocket ride...)

Bluepaintred said...

I finally did the meme you tagged me with ! Thanks!

Dorky Dad said...

$140 on fast-food meals? Really? I had no idea that bras ate so much.

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Thanks Shinade - Usually we Californians only have to worry about rain, floods, droughts, fire, and earthquakes....but not WIND! Go figure!

Speedy - Ya know, we did end up having a pretty good time just relaxing and enjoying each other's company...for about 15 minutes!!!!! HA!
And yes, I'm afraid it's the end of the road for that poor old swingset....but the Headlamp can be yours - just say the word! :)

You're right Piper - Chico IS a very friendly town! And I LOOOOOVE those kiddies...but the pergola, eh, I can live without!

Hi jOolz! Yes - things are definitely perking back up in the land of bodaciean cleavage! Is the Rocket ride ready for blast off? ;)

Be right over Blue! ~Olga

Dorky Dad - It takes a lot more than burgers & fires to fill these DD's! You'd be surprised how much I can stuff in my cups & still retain my girlish figure!
PS: Loose the Santa hat! :)

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

PSS: Dorkey Dad - I meant burgers & FRIES! Keep fire AWAY from me! ACK!!!!!

Julie said...

Well, I am in the bay area....why didn't you stop by to say hi? We had electricity at our home....

meleah rebeccah said...

that headlamp is GREAT! haha hahhaha

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Julie - If I went outside...I woulda flown all the way to Speedy's house! But would like to stop by an say hi someday!!!

Meleah - Yes, it came in so handy, he wears it ALL THE TIME now! ;)

GO! Smell the flowers said...

An awesome tale and thanks for sharing at flowers! Great how you turned this -ve into a +ve and thats what causes the storm, opposite charges!!!

Dam our Brit humour / humor! :0)

Jayleen said...

Ah, being in California myself I am frequently without power. What always gets me is when they go to turn it back on, it almost never just comes back on once. It's on, it's off, it's on, it's off... one night that happened 6 times before it finally stayed on. Sheeesh.

And let's not get into the brownouts...

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Hi Jim & Em! Yep, sometimes life is hard, but ya gotta just yank up your straps and move on! Thanks for your awesome support - as always!

You're right Jayleen, brownouts suck! Thanks for stopping by my blog ~ hope to see you 'round here again!

kellypea said...

Wow...That's some weather. We had some rain -- I think we actually made it over an inch w00t! Other than leaves piled up in the streets, not much else is different. I'm loving that headlamp. Toadally fashionable. My mom has one. Bwahahahaha!

Mimi Lenox said...

So glad to see you are out of the dark. What an ordeal.

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Gee Kelly - If I knew how much everyone was gonna like that HEADLAMP, I woulda gotten one myself! HA!

Thank Mimi - It was quite an adventure! Thanks for stopping by!

MedStudentWife said...

Just thinking (omg - can you smell smoke ?)

Maybe I should make your fur liners waterproof... just in case.....

BTW.... what size are ya Olga, dear. I know its DD, but whats the number ?


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