Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Message from my Blog-Mistress...

Today I was tad worried that my therapist would think I was  
TOTALLY off my rocker when told told him I have a bra named Olga 
who travels around the world & I blog about her adventures.

But he just smiled & said, 
"I think you should start writing/blogging again." 

I think so too!  And I've been meaning to for a WHILE.  But honestly, my personal life has been so crazy & stressful these past couple of years that my creative juices just dried up & I lost the desire to blog.
(sorry Olga)

But now that things are starting to look UP
I realize there's no one better equipped to provide me with 
some much needed support,
a little pick-me-up, 
a gentle shove, 
a great big BOOST 
than Olga!

So, Olga's exciting globe-trotting adventures will be back  
just as soon as I finish sifting thru' a bazillion photos 
& remember where I left her hanging 2-1/2 years ago...

I think it was in Arizona...
 where she got heat stroke & went kinda CRAZY...
 ...throwing herself at & hanging all over the local guys!
(even ones who were obviously giant pricks)

...and making a fool of herself by lusting after & yelling at the local gals:
 "Woo-Hoo! NICE rock formations!
Come on Baby lemme be your Boulder Holder!!!" 

Oh Gawd, it's all coming back to me now....
HOW could I forget?!!!

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Jaffer said...

Welcome Back Olga ! I missed ya !

Daisy said...

Glad to see you back! I'll look forward to hearing more of Olga's adventures. :-)

Claire Pitt said...

It's back!

grosir baju muslim murah ghaniyah said...

i love your blog, to express your views, this is the correct way.

meleah rebeccah said...

Gah, I miss OLGA!!!!!!

Alex Smith said...

Olga is finally back! Woohoo!

TechSquib said...

Funny stuff

eva said...

Only a handful of people are unique, you are one of them:))
What a cute blog, I love it!

denis mboya said...

nice work

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