Sunday, June 21, 2009

Flashback To The 70's!

Due to circumstances beyond even MY amazing control,
I bring you yet another re-post of what I was doing exactly one year ago...on June 22, 2008, I was just hanging up my udderly delightful visit with The Posse in Manchester England...and getting ready to embark upon one of the strangest weeks of my life (so far)...a cup-busting, strap-stretching experience at the DP Concentration Camp beautiful Papersurferville Estate in Southern England...and judging by the pieces of grit and gravel I am STILL finding lodged in my delicate fibers, 'twas an ordeal from which I might not EVER recover!...not to mention my eyeballs!!!!...but...THAT is another please stay tuned! (Phew!)
Today my visit with my fabulous 70's Chaperon came to an end, and The Posse turned out in full force to say goodbye!
Have you ever seen a more beautiful assemblage of support before?!
An especially touching moment came when Michelle (the leader of The Posse) presented me with some souvenirs...then reached out and taught me the Secret Posse Handshake as the rest of The Gang sang
"Hands Bras Across the Water!" *sniff-sniff*

Then, much to my utter astonishment...ALL of the goddesses appeared to wish me well as I embark upon my next exciting adventure!
(I hear I'm going to visit Daddy Papersurfer.)
As I was leaving, I heard them all ancient spell...
something about....I'm not sure....but I think it was "Good Luck."Apparently they think I'm gonna need it?!?

Thank you 70's for a most enjoyable and uplifting visit -
I had a wonderful time!

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netster said...

lot of bras!


Daddy Papersurfer said...

That's reminded me - I keep meaning to ask 70's how many chests she's got exactly ....... I've got a chest of drawers of course .....

medstudentwife said...

okay.. now I am worried.... not a word from Olga since she left here...really, other than that one picture...

I didn't do nothing - I swear !!!

meleah rebeccah said...

Now that's a party!

70steen said...

Olga you were the perfect house guest and we would love to see you back over in Manchester ...mwwwwwahhhh xxxx

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