Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ta-Ta (for now!) Norway!

For our final adventure together, my amazing Norwegian Chaperon,
Renny took me on a cruise to Germany!
We departed out of the Oslo Fjord
aboard a luxury ship aptly named Magic...
Taa-daaaaa!!! We toured around Kiel, Germany for a while...and met a nice little fellow sitting in front of Rathaus (the town hall)...but he didn't have much to say...which was fine with me 'cuz I don't speak German. However, Renny has LOTS more to say, so be sure to pop over there and learn more about our trip!
Back aboard the good ship we cruised back to Oslo for my final night with Renny and his lovely wife Diane...I felt myself get a little misty-cupped recalling all of the wonderful sites I've seen here in Norway; The Royal Castle, Vigeland Sculpture Park, The New Oslo Opera House, the Norway Maritime Museum, and this trip to Germany! And of course, being a guest in Renny's home, where I learned to make Norwegian Seafood Delight, was the icing on the cake! It's been a wonderful adventure and I could not have asked for more!
Well, except....maybe...
for a glimpse of the Elusive Norwegian Beaver!
Maybe they really ARE just an old wives-tale?
Maybe they don't REALLY exist after all?!?

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Speedcat Hollydale said...

Olgeena .. you have had some incredible chap er ronies, and all of them have been amazing in there own right.
Renny really was the best at showing you parts of the world that most of us never see.
Nice job ... and BRAVO!! to Renny BA

No beavers?? Was the nurse a stowaway???

Nurse Amanda Hugankiss said...

I'd be happy to help tame that little beaver!
Send her to Hollydale General Hospital's Beaver Tamer Salon STAT!

meleah rebeccah said...


You are in Germany and dont speak German...while I am in Mexico & cant speak Spanish!


Wish You Were With Me!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I'll very pleased to see that at long last you've learnt some things and have started to take life a little more seriously. It's about time you acted your age and not your cup size .......

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Oh Speedy - While no one can ever take the place of my "1st Man"...Renny has certainly claimed a special place in my heart!

Nurse - Why arnt you at the Nurses Station bugging the Doctah?

Meleah - Yeah, but you drinking tequila and I am NOT! Wish I was with you too! XOXO

DaddyP - But my cup size is 36...that's as old as I get! :)

Awake In Rochester said...

I would love to visit Germany!

I'm sorry to see you leave. Renny has been an excellent chaperon, and a gentlemen! I'll have to try his Norwegian Seafood Delight. It sounds delicious.

RennyBA said...

It has really been a pleasure having you around! Seldom have Norway had such a nice, eager to see and learn kind of guest. Showing you around has been an eye opener to all who have met you and places has become quite new seen them from your prospectives.

From all of me to all of you: Happy travelling throughout in the world!

Hungry Mother said...

Is Oslo still as expensive as I remember it?

Kuanyin Moi said...

I love your travels oh great Bodacious one! Your posts always make me feel uplifted and somehow lighter! Seeing Norway through Renny and you has been a happy adventure!

Drowsey Monkey said...

Wow! great photos! I love the sunset, so peaceful.

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Awake - The Seafood Delight was truly Delightful! :) As is Renny!

Awwwww, THANKS Renny - You are a true Viking Gentleman....I will always remember our exciting adventures in Norway! HUGS!!!!!!

Aloha Kuanyin - And I would LOVE to come visit YOU in Maui someday...

DROWSEY!!! Nice to see your face! Well, part of it anyway...XOXOOXO

catscratch said...

Ahhh.... vikings....

Gotta love them vikings!

Jess said...

Olga it has been a pleasure learning about your travels. You are too funny... maybe we will be able to meet sometime and compare cup


Lisa said...

Greetings from Norway... how nice to see you have visited my country. Found a link to you blog over at "Smiling with Daisy" - the name of you blog made me curious.. its a special name for traveling blog or what?...

I do indeed hope you enjoyed the visit and had time to look around, btw did you have a chance to travel outside Oslo? I live in the north-western part of Norway.

About the Norwegian beavers... yes they wear viking helmets, swords, drink a lot of beer and have a rude behavior. I haven't mentioned this over at Daisy yet because its somewhat controversial compared to the beavers in your area .. they seems to be more polite :o)

Takk for besoket :o)


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