Sunday, June 8, 2008

Click + Click = Thank You!

Please note this badge in my sidebar - it was passed on to me by my bloggy-friend Shinade of The Painted Veil and all YOU have to do to help fight breast cancer is to click on it every time you visit my blog! It's that easy and will help fund free mammograms for women in need. So don't be a boob - support 'em instead! CLICK IT today & everyday!

And...if ya haven't voted for ME in the Humor Category at the
Bloggers Choice Awards...I could really some support...
I am currently hanging in 2nd place by 60 dang votes!
So if my blog tickles your fancy (or any other parts) please take a moment to CLICK on this badge
and give this ol' bra a BIG PUSH UP!
(Yes you have to register to vote, but I promise it's quick & painless...)
Double-D Thanks!
~Olga, the Traveling Bra

17 Bodacious Comments (so far) ~ Add Yours!:

The Rev. said...

Consider it done-

Drowsey Monkey said...

Yep, I'm a clicking fool! :P

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Thanks Rev & Drowsey!
Here's a {{HUG}} for each of you! Oh's another {{{HUG!}}}
PS: Catch any fish Rev?

catatonickid said...

Ohhh, pretty things to click on! I hear and obey ;)

Shinade said...

Thanks Olga,
This is great. But, Judy got a click my boobies button and we didn't.

I want one. And, I will try to vote for you. But, they still have me listed as Moondanzer and as of yet won't let me set up a new account.

I'll head over right now and try to find you and vote!!:-))))

Shinade said...


The_Mrs said...

Consider it done. :)

I've missed a LOT and have missed quite a bit - I had a TON of reading to do to catch up!!

LOVED the pics of your adventures.. and the "orange man" will be permanently burnt into my mind forever. Thanks.

Regardless, good to read you again and LOVED catching up!

Take care. XXOO

meleah rebeccah said...

I will be clicking all damn day

mjgolch said...

I just had to come and visit this site just out of couriousity sake.Olga the Traveling Bra was the hook.
I hope that you are haveing a Great day today,That's mt story and I'm sticking to it.

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Hi Shinade - I have a Feel Your Boobies button I'd be glad to share with you - or anyone! Send me your email address! :)

Nice to see you again Mrs! I missed you!!! Thanks for your support. (Sorry 'bout orange-man...)

Oh well Meleah - what else are ya gonna do at work??? ;)

mjgolch - Sounds like a plan to me! :) Thanks for stopping by!

Random Chick said...

I got you covered...ummmm, I think you have that job actually. Anyway, I voted for you!!!


Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

THANKS RC - I see your vote! :)

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I am a clickin!!

While I support boobs ... I do not want to be one. ------ (.)

"Click once, twice, three times a lady..." Lionel Richie

Grandy said...

I've got this on my blog too. It was kismet. :)

Thanks for doing your share too. :)

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Speedy - Hey! Some of my breast friends are boobs! BIG ones!
(Thanks for clicking....)

Hi Grandy - KISMET!!! Kismet once, kismet twice & kismet once's been a long long time...! Ah, an oldie but a goodie. :)
Thanks for stopping by!

Zoe said...

i need someone to click on my boobies..i needed them lifted and my dumbass surgeon thought making them bigger would solve the problem.....not!!..

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Hi Zoe - Oh no!...your surgeon sounds like a bit of a boob himself! :O

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