Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hangin' Out at Heather's

Phew! After traveling cross country from California to Virginia (thank you FedEx!) I arrived at the home of one of my favoritest bloggers,
Heather of The Wishful Writer...feeling a bit droopy -
but very excited about our upcoming trip to London/Paris!
She wasn't home at the times, so the man-of-the-house let me in!
Not only is Stewart handsome, but very accommodating too!
He let me ride around on his back while giving me a tour of Heather and Ape's lovely home!
Guess I ought to thank my Sweet Georgia Chaperon for forcing converting me from Diet Pepsi to Diet Coke - because there ain't NOTHING else to drink in this house!
And I just HAD to check out the bathroom remodel I've been reading so much about on Heather's blog!...and it is AWESOME! I hung around in the shower just soaking up the ambiance and rehydrating my cups for a while....and then I wander out into the living room where I found Heather's most prized possession in the whole wide world!Yeah, she rocks at Guitar Hero (see here)...but later on...
even though she might tell ya otherwise...
I totally kicked her butt!

Ta-Ta! (for now!)...gotta plane to catch in the morning!
I can hardly wait to see London, to see France....

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meleah rebeccah said...

Yeay! you made it safe and sound. That bathroom IS awesome!

Random Chick said...

Glad you get some downtime before your big trip to London/Paris...can't wait to read about your travels there!

You ROCK!!

Emma the Golden Girl said...

Stewart is pretty cool to let you ride around.
The bathroom remodel is fantastic.
London, Paris, it sounds divine!
I'm headed off to the spa this summer so if you need time to rest and rejuvenate after your big adventures, let me know.

Omyword! said...

This made me realize something...I better clean my apartment. Olga's coming! She may have to ride around the apartment on Chairwoman Mao's back. But this can get dangerous, especially if we itroduce the Aluminum Foil Ball. Then...all bets are off. Olga's in for a wild ride!

Robert said...

rest up... I hear there is a geqat need for you in Paris..there actually many women over there who go bra less..shocking isn't it..I think we need pictures of that travesty...:)))))))-

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Hi Meleah - Those gals (& her folks) kicked butt in that bathroom! :)

I try to avoid the term "down time" RC....but I'm always UP for a little R&R! :)

Oooh Emma - that sounds lovely! Please stay in touch, OK?

OMyLisa - I'm all pumped up & ready for whatever Chairman Mao wants to toss my way! :)

Crusty - Vive La France & Vive La Olga the Traveling Bra!!! Ouiiiiiiiiii!!!

Drowsey Monkey said...

I see Olga's on the wagon? A new leaf??

The_Mrs said...

That crazy diet soda sippin' foundation garment! :)

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Hi Drowsey - Let's say I have added green beer to my list of things to avoid. Blech! Nasty stuff.

Mrs - Diet soda is good for my elasticity...I don't wanna let myself get stretched outta shape, ya know?!

Anonymous said...

Ahoy Diet Coke! / Speedy

Taylor Blue said...

OMG! You know Heather Olga?? She is one awesome girl. I can't believe you let someone take a picture of you in the are so brave!!!

Mike said...

Hey! That is a nice bathroom!

catscratch said...

You should really stop by on your way back since you're so close.

Claire said...

The bathroom does look awesome, I have been looking on the map for the best hiking spots to take you :)

I am off hiking tomo to check out one of the locations.

Lord Likely said...

What a charming hound, although I have to say I always thought you would have favoured a la-bra-dor.

nursemyra said...

lord likely - you crack me up!

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

La-bra-dors...ha-ha, very good Lord Likely!

Hi everyone - sorry I haven't been very good at posting or commenting back...have been very busy moving all my awards over to my NEW TROPHY ROOM! Phew! but now it's finished, so please come check it out!

Big Momma Pimpalishisness said...

I gave up soda a month ago. Oh how I miss my diet coke. And you, Olga, lying right there wrapped around, are just making it even more appealing.

Damn you!


About this site said...

What can I say? This site is obviously well developed and stacked and well filled out with and an overflowing with sumptuous and abundant mounds of exceptionally attractive and provocative content.

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Big momma...I don't see how a DIET COKE can harm ya! Go for it....

About - THANKS for your support! And FYI: Flattery will get your EVERYwhere!!!! ;)

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